juppun japan

3 min animation that I made last year is going to screen at the Juppun Japan event @ Chelsea in London today. It's theme is abit on the dark side so not sure if many people like it. Oh well.

Anyway it being selected for the screening has made me more excited about doing more art stuff. Started making another drypoint thingie today. scraping the plastic with the nail hurts my fingers.


Miller's Anatomy

This is a inversed photoshopped photo of my etching plate. I am still working out where to put the shadings. Drawing anatomical parts from a book is surprisingly hard - trying to make a print that looks abit like drawings Da Vinci has done, but I am not even close!


cassette tapes are very cute

when pictures are on the screen I can see them more objectively, and see the flaws. Couldn't be bothered drawing the body of this one...

Started going to some art classes this term. Crosshatching onto plastic sheet for etching prints is hard work.


calvin walking

just this wonky bit of animation took me about 2 hours.
This cat is one of the clinic cats at the clinic I work at. He has got character. Very hard to replicate in 2D


another drawing

went to the shops and bought a guide to Creative Suite 3, a similar book to one of those for dummies books. Trying to use it right now to make a web page on dreamweaver, but it is way too hard.

random picture

one of my drawings randomly picked. The background was yellow but when I uploaded onto this blog it changed to blue. Interesting.....