I take so long rearranging things on photoshop!
I hope the edges fit together. Trying to come up with some patterns for my sister who is going to get some materials printed. not too sure about the tadpole like shapes behind the dolls.



I like doodling on bits of paper that's already been used before. When I start drawing on a brand new piece of paper I get nervous, and can't draw like usual.
Can really see that I'm not seeing things straight when I look at what I have drawn. That bottle is leaning towards the left.
I was planning on shading more space but it is time consuming.


m & m

This week I watched an Australian clay animation film called Mary and Max. Everything was so well made and in a lot of detail. I liked the raindrops on the window, how did they make it look so real??? I don't think it is being shown in many cinemas. Many cool looking old people were watching the film, which surprised me, as I thought this type of film will attract a young crowd. I think everyone except me in the cinema were in their fifties or sixties.


Got one of these body things to help me draw a decently shaped human being. I must have played around with it as joints were going all different directions. Tried to bend him back in shape but his joints are really stiff. He is abit arthritic.

Someone once told me that my drawing are really hairy. I can't draw clean lines because I am indecisive and go up and down the same spot with the pencil. It's a difficult habit to stop. Few hairy lines in this drawing.


Tentative tentacles

Must be very handy to have tentacles, you can grab onto lots of things at once and also can eat them if you are hungry.
Pale colour pencils blend colours well


My sister just finished studying fashion in Tokyo. Her dress she made for her graduation show was featured in a Japanese fashion mag. Cool stuff. She better hurry up and start a label. and make me a kick-ass dress.