Break over me

This is from last year, made an album design for my boss who is in a band called Forerunner.
I think he is my first client!
Realized the difficulty of verbally communicating an image that is pictured in mind. He described the image he wants over the phone, I drew a sample, send it to him, not quite what he imagined, try again , etc etc.

Anyway, thanks to photoshop for all the colour variations it provides! and the layers so I can change designs again and again and again and still keep the originals!!!
Even though I am having an affair with Dreamweaver at the moment, you're still the best!

back to basics

Read Mishell's inspirational blog entries today!
There was a photo of a sign saying " If you were waiting for a sign, THIS IS IT!"

and the sign is right, it was it!

and I drew in my sketchbook, for the first time in months

and drawing was a lot of fun

and once more I feel like..... not doing anything but art!!! helll yeahh!!