Upmarket x 2

It's the season to be jolly and be busy making Christmas cards!
Gotten through 1 Christmas markets, one more to go tonight, at Subiaco.


Upmarket this weekend

My sister and I have been busy creating items to sell at the markets this Sunday - it's at University of Western Australia from 10-4pm. Hopefully there would be lots of people there. Exciting to be able to expose our works into the world.



cut outs - trying out some animal shapes. Rabbits, and squirrels. Anyone think of other animals that would look good in a cut out?


and then there was more

Now colouring in the cards that I silk screened last week. I'm thinking would anyone buy this stuff at the markets??? I am skeptical.

cutting out the negative space

Missing something, not sure if I should add some water colour for the background. This would probably result in paper warping though.


ferris wheel

what can I say? I am turning more crafty and less arty as time goes by.


some feathers

Doing some card making for a market stall my sister is planning to participate in.
Sketches on the right, hand cut feather images on the left.
It'll be handy to get these done by a laser!!! although I do enjoy the freedom of just cutting as I like it, with minimum draft lines.



Has been too long since my friend Mishell assigned me a task - watch a movie and while watching draw the movie: finally drew 1 pic. Have not even finished watching the movie. My attention span these days is worse than a tick.

used the movie La vie en Rose.

Did not realize how difficult to draw from constantly moving 2D medium. Not sure what to draw, and when I decided what to draw, that image is gone, and I can't draw from memory.