cropped and nudged

can you see the difference? tried fixing the background, make the patterns more aligned, which took ages. Then had to move some of them again as they all kept on hiding behind the foreground.
wow the colour changed. strange. Does this happen to JPEGs often?? its glow in the dark russian dolls. Yeah, I'm not very computer literate, if you hadn't figured it out already.


  1. woah! they look kinda spooky now! same question, where are your animations?! we want to see animationssss! flash flash flash.

    btw, u didn't think i did the lino animation, did u? its the crappy book beneath it in green N pink i did. the youtube vid is just sth i randomly found on the web.

    no that's not me playing, wish i was that good. but i am learning the piece ( at snail pace..)
    i'm thinking maybe next time if i should play myself. just a tad more personal?

  2. hey, when i uploaded my photoshop images which i did for the children's book, the colours went funny too. i changed the settings from CMYK to RGB in the photoshop document then everything went back to normal..
    i don't know if this helps ur problem?

  3. heeyyy yeah flash,,,,, I dont know how to uploaded on my blog, though I tried!!!! I dont think I can make new ones now, I really forgot how to use the software. Yeah I like your lino cuts for the book, v.v. nice! thanks about the rgb thing! i will try save as in that format